Creating a name and new brand identity for a specialized transport company.


In the 1970s, the Dutch project logistics and logistics company Mammoet arrived in Colombia and was later acquired by Colombian shareholders, changing its name to Mammut. More than 35 years later, a new name and brand identity was necessary to break away from the association that for so many years had linked it with that foreign company.


Marqas recommended the name change to Maxo, inspired by the large-scale solutions offered by the company. A simple typographic logotype was created that was impressive due to its weight and size, highlighting the X letter that functions as an emblematic icon easy to perceive that generates the sensation of movement. A differentiating color was necessary since yellow and red prevail in the category; Blue was chosen because it is a color little used in the industry and has very positive associations. Today, Maxo is a very well positioned brand with a great recognition in Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean.

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