Optimizing a brand portfolio for an ice cream and fruit juice manufacturer.


Meals de Colombia is the ice cream and juice manufacturer of Grupo Nutresa. Its the market leader with its 21 brands. However, the company needed to develop a brand architecture that would structure the brand portfolio to maximize market coverage in the segment and take advantage of potential opportunities.


Marqas rationalized the brand portfolio determining the scope and role of each brand, as well as to defining the levels and categories in the portfolio structure. The strategic recommendation was to migrate the sales of some products and consolidate the portfolio into seven mega-brands and three umbrella brands. The positioning strategy for each branf was then defined based on brand potential and target market. In turn, Marqas also identified an opportunity to extend one of the premium brands to a retail format and offer a 360 brand experience. The proposed strategy strengthened both the individual brands, as well as the role they play within the overall portfolio.

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