Rationalizing the brand portfolio of a leading cookies and buiscuits company.


Noel is a leading company in the manufacture and marketing of cookies and it’s part of Grupo Nutresa. The company has a portfolio of 15 product brands endorsed by the Noel brand. To continue expanding, Noel decided to undertake a program to optimize the brand portfolio and study the potential and elasticity of the Noel brand.


Marqas studied emerging trends in the food industry and analyzed the practices of leading companies at a global and regional level. In turn, we conducted a market research study to understand the company’s strategic vision and the perspective and perceptions of customers, employees and other relevant public. The project helped Noel establish a long-term positioning strategy and clearly organize the business units. After a detailed analysis of all the brands in the portfolio, we made decisions about which brands should be maintained, modified or eliminated. The simplification of the portfolio helped Noel clarify the role of each brand and made it easier to diversify its value proposition in the future.

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