Redefining the brand relationship between an infrastructure company and its concessions.


Odinsa is a regional company dedicated to the structuring, management and development of road and airport infrastructure projects, with presence in Colombia, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. The diversity of concessions meant that Odinsa had to handle complex issues of brand relationships between the brands at the different points of contact throughout the user experience. Marqas was hired to clarify and organize the concessions portfolio and define what the identity relationship between these and the Odinsa brand should be.


After conducting a communications audit, we explored a wide spectrum of possible brand architecture scenarios that ranged from a unitary branding system where the Odinsa brand was omnipresent to a diversified branding system where the concessions maintained their independent identities. Finally, we recommend the creation of a sub-brand: “Vamos bien”. The advantages of this new sub-brand are multiple: it protects Odinsa’s image from eventual reputational risks, it is a more commercial and contemporary platform, it facilitates the expansion to new products and services and has a greater potential for growth in cases of partnership. This way, Odinsa remains as the corporate brand and this new sub-brand is used to endorse all the different concessions.

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