Creating a brand of premium olive oil of Chilean origin for the US market.


Team Foods is one of the most prestigious lipid companies in Latin America. To expand the business, they sought to enter the US market with the creation of a brand of olive oil of Chilean origin. Marqas was hired to develop the positioning strategy and the identity of the brand.


Marqas analyzed the olive oil segment in the United States and detected that the product’s origin, sophistication, flavors, exoticism, craft process and packaging, are key to competing in this niche. Marqas recommended the creation of a premium brand that highlights the remote origin and takes advantage of the positive associations with Chile. Various names were explored and all the basic elements of a visual identity that highlight the exotic value were designed: a typographic logo, light diagramming, concise text and a tall, thin bottle with a square base and translucent dark green glass. The Olv brand was successfully introduced in gourmet stores and supermarkets specialized in food in the United States. Directed especially to a high purchasing power audience, Olv managed with its claim Oils from the ends of the earth to position itself as a preimum oil of exotic origin and unique quality.

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