Revitalizating a coffee and pastry brand to attract new segments of consumers.


Oma is a family business structured into three business units: production and distribution of ground coffee, restaurants and coffee bars in places of high traffic. They needed, on the one hand, to attract young consumers who did not identify with the brand, and, on the other, to expand their brand experience beyond the consumption of coffee.


Marqas conducted an brand audit of the visual elements, as well as the perceptions of the business units. We detected that there were inconsistencies in the application of certain communication elements that prevented the brand from really projecting a 360 brand experience. We recommended unifyinf Oma’s graphic identity under a single logo and visual system. The cup symbol was eliminated because it limited the perception of the company to coffee. We developed a modular signage system adaptable to all retail sizes and prototypes. Oma repositioned its brand and applied its new identity consistently throughout all communication channels. The coherence in the use of the various elements allowed him to project an attractive brand image for younger audiences, without neglecting his usual customers.

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