Creating a brand for a process outsourcing company that is born of a merger.


Enlace Operativo, a company specialized in BPO, part of Grupo Sura, acquired CompuRedes to add to its services the ITO solutions service. Their challenge was to establish a strategic platform that would take into account the competitive advantages of both companies in order to gain a powerful regional brand positioning in an industry where it brand differentiation had become increasingly difficult.


Marqas analyzed the industry trends and competitive environment and identified an opportunity to position the company as the strategic partner for business in Latin America. Perceived as the expert in ITO and BPO solutions, they would be able to advise companies from start to finish in their economic growth and regional development. In order to highlight this concept, a we developed unitary brand architecture that groups the business units by client segment with specific services for each one. In turn, Marqas worked on the exploration of an evocative name that synthesizes the positioning and distinguishes the company in its market. With a defined brand strategy, the new company will gain visibility as an expert, flexible, reliable partner and facilitator of solutions for those who bet on growth in the region.

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