Revitalizing a construction company’s brand to project a more modern image.


Ospinas is the oldest construction company in Colombia, with more than 75 years of experience and a long list of emblematic projects in several countries, which establish them as one of the benchmarks of the real estate industry. After recovering from the effects of the construction crisis, the company decided to transform itself internally and change its brand identity as it was perceived as an organization that was not modern and dynamic.


Marqas recommended that Ospinas be positioned as an urban developer committed to the organized and planned growth of the cities where it operates. For this, we designed a brand identity system that highlights the attributes of a responsible, dynamic and daring company. A slight evolution of the logo was made, which established a new relationship between the word and the symbol, with greater prominence of the black and fresh and distinctive forms. To enhance the presence and uniqueness of Ospinas, it was vital to carry out a campaign to take advantage of all the diffusion channels of each project and to regulate the use of the project brand of each of them, in coexistence with the corporate brand. The visual identity system was applied to all Ospinas’ communication products and backings with the brand’s logo were made in the external sales rooms. The visual integration achieved allowed the visibility of the brand in the market to be strengthened, adding attributes of modernity and sophistication.

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