Optimization of a brand portfolio for a regional paint company.


Pintuco is a paint company that is part of Grupo Orbis. It has been a leader in the paint sector in Central America and the Andean region for more than 70 years. Pintuco was very well positioned in Colombia but was not as well known at the regional level. Their products were better known in the decorative segment than in the industrial one and also as the company had grown by acquisition and it was necessary to standardize and unify processes and product lines.


Marqas was hired to redefine the positioning and simplify the brand portfolio. The new positioning extends the concept of brand from ‘quality’ to ‘expert advice’ which allows them to differentiate themselves better in the competitive environment. The portfolio of brands was simplified by eliminating the overlap of brands and sub-brands so that the offer of products is easier to understand. Of the 99 original products of the portfolio, only 6 kept a sub-brand and the others went on to have a descriptive name. The names of the companies in all countries and the identities of the business units were unified. The strategy of promoting ‘one Pintuco’ optimizes the investment in communications and increases the impact and visibility of the brand.

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