Revitalizing of a soap brand that adopts a “self-confidence” positioning concept.


Piropo is a soap brand aimed at popular segments. In a dynamic market, where products frequently change their image and their promotions, Piropo had difficulties differentiating its brand from the competition. That’s why they decided to refresh their brand identity and revitalize the packaging system.


Marqas recommended adopting the concept of ‘self-confidence’. The logo was redesigned and a visual identity system was developed. The brand’s color palette was maintained, but more vibrant and textured tones were added to create a sophisticated and innovative sensation. The use of a female figure with a confident attitude in the packaging was also valued. The icons that identified the different product lines were replaced by photographic backgrounds that used color filters and worked on the contrast of the logo on each of them. Revitalizing the image allowed Piropo to reposition itself in the market and mark a clear differentiation with respect to its competitors. The new visual identity boosted the visibility of the entire line and projected a brand image more associated with personal cleanliness than with cosmetics.

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