Restructuring of communication to facilitate access to the services of a pension fund.


Porvenir is the largest and most solid pension fund in its market. Its brand was strong and memorable, but the visual identity was inconsistently applied and some communications materials were confusing. Porvenir had several sub-brands that made it difficult for customers to access information and as a result, it became increasingly difficult to differentiate the brand from his competition in a tangible way.


Marqas established a clear organizing concept that positioned Porvenir as the investment fund that provides the client with the best savings and investment experience. To achieve this, we decided to apply the corporate brand as the main brand throughout communication materials and to organize the different brand touchpoints by moment in the customer relationship or service offered to the client throughout its life cycle. We also developed a nomenclature system to simplify the existing sub-brand system that fragmented the corporate identity. In addition, the visual identity system was enriched with new colors, typographies and images; and it was applied to stationery, forms, brochures and the website. Porvenir managed to project an integrated brand image and began to be considered a leading company in its segment, clearly different from its competitors. The brand strategy also favored strengthening a unified internal culture and creating efficiencies in marketing by improving control and costs over the brand’s messages.

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