Creation of a modern identity for a brand of food and accessories for pets.


Pronaca is a leading consumer products company with an important division of pet food products, including Pro-Can, Pro-Can Show and Pro-Cat. These brands did not differ from each other nor did they present a distinctive identity. In addition, the Pro-Can brand was limiting to extend it to other products. Therefore, it was essential to change its name.


Marqas recommended creating a new brand and extending it to the entire universe of products and accessories for pets. In this way, Pronaca would be able to expand its perception and would not be limited to producing only dog ​​food. Marqas defined a positioning based on the idea of ​​creating ‘a premium brand that brings welfare to pets and peace of mind to their owners’. Next, a name exploration process was developed based on the concepts: practical, expert, vital and human. This is how Vitalia was born, an innovative and functional brand, suitable to various product categories and different markets. Vitalia is a broad brand, focused on the comprehensive care of pets and effective to be extended to a various types of pet products. 

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