Creation of a modern and dynamic brand for an innovative musical comedy school.


Proscenio is an art academy in Buenos Aires that trains artists competitively in the areas of theater, music and dance. Proscenio sought to create a brand that reflected excellence in the teaching method, and that allowed the institution to differentiate itself from the other schools in the market.


Marqas defined a positioning strategy that projected Proscenio as a leading academy in Argentina, dedicated to training artists with a methodical and personalized approach that produces results. They took advantage of having a unique name in the industry, which is evocative and has the potential of extending beyond the professional reputation of its founders. The logo synthesizes the evolution of the student becoming an artist. It is formed by the word ‘Proscenio’ written in lower caps, accompanied by a symbol where a point becomes a star, and the predominant colors used are bordeaux and black, alluding to the velvet of theater curtains. All elements of the visual system are easy to apply in posters and printed materials. Proscenio managed to position itself as one of the best musical comedy academies in the country, focused on the commitment to training new figures of the Argentine scene.

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