Reorganizing and simplifying the brand portfolio of a traditional pastry company.


Ramo is one of the leading food companies in Colombia dedicated to producing and marketing cakes, breads, snacks and cookies. Its products are of the highest quality, taste and freshness and are a flagship of the ‘Colombian culture’. The perception of Ramo’s brand was strongly associated with its original product: the Ramo cake. The company wanted to broaden the perception of the brand to diversify its portfolio and develop new distribution channels. Ramo decided to undertake a branding project to strengthen the Ramo brand and optimize its brand portfolio.


Marqas carried out a detailed analysis of food sector trends, communication practices of leading companies and perceptions of all the product brands in the portfolio. We concluded that the strategy of maintaining independent brands didn’t help Ramo communicate the diversity of its product offerings. We defined a positioning strategy around the concept of ‘tradition and dedication’ to extend the perception of the brand beyond the cake category. In terms of brand architecture, we studied several models of association between the Ramo brand and the product brands. We decided to create a system of sub-brands with a strong Ramo endorsement, where the original product brands keep their name, color and typography but live together in Ramo’s visual identity system. This strategy will allow Ramo to enhance the visibility of its brand, broaden the perception beyond the association with the Ramo ponqué and have a clear method to identify new products as the portfolio expands in the future.

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