Simplifying a nomenclature system for a regional pharmaceutical company.


Sanofi is a diversified company focused on human health, that transforms scientific innovation into healthcare solutions. Sanofi has been present in Colombia since 1996. Since the acquisition in 2013 of Genfar S.A., a national leader in pure generics, Sanofi expanded its presence in the country with another industrial plant. In addition, Sanofi was the owner of the brand Medley, a leader in brand generics. Since both companies had a broad portfolio of products and services, Sanofi’s nomenclature system had become overly complex.


Marqas was hired to evaluate the brand portfolio and create a new product naming and nomenclature system. The project consisted of studying the brand value of Medley and Genfar to determine what should be the optimal relationship with the Sanofi brand. We determined that Genfar should maintain its brand identity and Medley should transform its brand identity to integrate it into Sanofi’s visual system. We recommended eliminating the visual identity of the product brands, creating a visual identity for the product categories through a system of icons and extending the visual elements of Sanofi’s identity to the medicine packages. This clearer and simple nomenclature system makes it easier for consumers to access Sanofi products and services and understand the company’s value proposition.

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