Revitalizing a chocolate brand to project a more energetic and young image.


Chocolate Sol is a well-known brand, with more than 50 years in the market. The decrease in chocolates consumption in favor of more natural and dietetic foods pushed the company to rethink Sol’s positioning strategy and to analyze the potential brand extensions to expand the business.


Sol had a well-recognized name and a visual system. Marqas recommended a visual system that evokes the energy of the sun, together with a logo with flashes and sparkles that bring dynamism, and a new combination of warm colors with more vivid tones. The new identity was applied to the packaging system and extended to two complementary products: a milk modifier and a chocolate bar. Emphasizing the concept of energy allowed Sol to position itself as a more flexible brand to expand into other segments of the chocolate world. At the same time, it enhanced a modern and distinctive image, more attractive to the group of young consumers. Its visual identity, revitalized and dynamic, favored its maintaining its leadership in the market.

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