Reorganizing the brand architecture for an animal health company that diversifies.


Organización Solla is a food processing company positioned as a leader in animal nutrition. They wanted to install a store to sell quality meats for human consumption. For this, they needed to define a brand strategy that considered the trends in retali and meat consumption and could position the brand in the new market.


Marqas recommended the creation of a new brand that had a relationship with Solla due to its experience in animal nutrition, but which was distinctive for the human nutrition division. A positioning was defined to respond to the needs of customers for versatility, convenience, origin and cost / benefit ratio The new brand reflects the attributes of a demanding, creative, practical and sensitive brand. We proposed defining a new name that evokes some distinctive attribute, and that responded to the concept of: “First class meat at your fingertips”. At the same time, Marqas explained the need to understand the store as one more dimension to complete a brand experience that inspires and promotes consumer loyalty, and not as a mere place of supply. The project, still under development, seeks to consolidate a powerful brand that understands and offers a service tailored to the needs of the consumer. With a credible, distinctive and relevant positioning, you can gain a place in the mind of your target audience and communicate the benefit that distinguishes it from the competition.

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