Revitalizing a regional chain of dental clinics’ brand identity.


Sonría is a network of dental care clinics with presence in Mexico and Colombia. There were divergences between the company’s internal and external perceptions that led to a redefinition of the positioning strategy. To continue their expansion in the region, they needed to consolidate their brand identity and project a powerful and distinctive image.


Marqas recommended a new positioning concept based on ‘Health’ and ‘Professionalism’ to guide the company’s communications. We developed a monolithic brand model, eliminating sub-brands and graphic identifiers. We created a new logo that uses the ‘S’ and draws, in a subtle way, a row of perfect teeth. We also redesigned the visual identity with circular elements that bring dynamism, and worked with the contrast between blue and orange to generate aesthetic impact in all signage applications. A naming system was also proposed to identify products, services and programs, and communications were organized by customer segment. The new positioning strategy and brand architecture model added coherence to all communications.. At the same time, the new clear and consistent visual system allowed Sonría to project a distinctive image in its competitive environment.

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