Designing a new packaging system for an industrial supplies manufacturer.


Sumicol manufactures industrial inputs and semi-finished products for the construction industry. Corona, its parent company had just gone through a change of brand identity. Due to increased competition and the need to adapt their brands to the new Corona design system, Sumicol decided to revitalize their packaging to make them more attractive in the market.


Marqas worked on the redesign and implementation of the new Sumicol packaging taking into account several objectives. First, we sought to adapt all graphic elements to the identity established for the Corona brand. Then, in the second place, each of the product lines was unified under specific colors and the use of illustrations in which they showed the use of each product in the packaging was proposed. Finally, to clarify and establish a hierarchy of information in the packages, a regulation was established that stipulates the use of sub-brands, names, descriptors and endorsement of the Corona brand. The new packaging alienated to the identity of the Corona brand favored Sumicol gaining visibility in the market, relying on the support of its parent company. The uniqueness of colors and the hierarchization of the information in the containers, facilitated the link with the consumer by allowing a clear identification of the products.

Los nuevos empaques alienados a la identidad de la marca Corona favorecieron a que Sumicol gane visibilidad en el mercado, apoyándose en el respaldo de su casa matriz. La unicidad de colores y la jerarquización de la información en los envases, facilitaron el vínculo con el consumidor al permitir una identificación clara de los producto.

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