Restructuring an insurance company that expands through acquisitions.


Suramericana is a leading company focused on the insurance, social security and financial services sectors. Towards the end of 2011, Suramericana acquired ING’s pension, insurance and investment fund operations in 5 countries in Latin America, becoming the main player in the largest acquisition made by a Colombian company abroad. However, the strategy of keepig independent brands made the synergy between companies difficult and fragmented its image in the market. The Group needed to integrate the new acquired companies to project a consistent image throughout the region.


Marqas recommended repositioning the Group and shortening the corporate name to Sura. We created the new logo for Sura, maintaining certain elements of the original identity. We recommend eliminating the brands of the operating companies and modifying their legal names so that they have the same grammatical structure. We created a nomenclature system to make the names of products, services and plans more clear and at the same time modular. This new system was applied to the entire value proposition of the Group. The nomenclature was implemented through a new visual system that unifies communication at a corporate level and allows businesses to have independent personalities at a commercial level. The visual system was applied in all countries through all communication materials. Numerous training workshops were held at the regional level so that the brand would be consistently implemented. Today Grupo Sura is a leading brand in financial services, with a consistent and visible brand at a regional level.

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