Redesigning the brand identity of an intimate apparel and personal care product company.


Tania is a company that designs and sells women’s intimate apparel, swimwear and pajamas, with more than 60 outlets throughout the country. Its brand was linked to quality and prestige, but there was a dissociation between the company’s communications and the brand experience of the consumers in the stores.


Marqas redefined the brand positioning strategy to project Tania as an emotional, practical and modern brand. We recommended focusing on the classic, youth and trendy segments and creating a new brand for the popular segment. We redesigned the logo and visual design system. The strokes of the logo were refined and the gray and blue colors were replaced by a purple color. To improve the brand experience at the points of sale, we recommended reorganizing the space and the distribution of products in the stores. The new brand projects the image of a modern and service-oriented company. The new visual system and the improvement in the store design contributed to create an integrated brand experience and excellent sales results.

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