Revitalizing and modernizing a traditional transport and logistics brand.


With a history of over forty years, TCC is a leading company in transportation and merchandise distribution services dedicated to providing logistics services both in Colombia and internationally. Currently, TCC was perceived as a cold and distant brand. The implementation of the brand identity presented visual problems. In addition, the company did not demonstrate a defined brand personality.


Marqas created a brand architecture to communicate the complete range of products offered by TCC. The three business units were defined: packages, messages and loading. It was also recommended the redesign of the logo and the visual identity system so that the brand would project a striking image and communicate the differential characteristics of their businesses. The chromatic palette was maintained, but the typography was modernized by stylizing it. Likewise, all communication materials were modernized and simplified and they were given greater versatility through the use of illustrations and broader color backgrounds that will enhance communications.

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