Restructuring a food solutions company that expands to new markets.


Team is an expert in the elaboration of lipid-based products, a component invisible to the eyes but essential for the well-being of people and the development of various industrial sectors. The company has a presence in Colombia, Chile and Mexico. The corporate brand Team didn’t have high visibility. Also, the name in English is difficult to pronounce for key audiences. This situation didn’t help the brand to be remembered by its key audiences. Team decided to undertake a brand strategy project to define the role of the Team brand within the portfolio.


Marqas developed a positioning strategy and a brand architecture. The positioning concept that was brought to life through the tagline – “Team inside, brilliant on the outside” – synthesizes the idea that many of the foods that we consume to be healthy, strong and energetic, contain lipids developed by Team, and that those lipids are an invisible but essential component for the well-being of people. In terms of brand architecture, we defined the different levels of hierarchy within the portfolio and established parameters for the expression of the brand at each level. We decided to extend the role of the Team brand to category brand, product brand, endorsement brand and even ingredient brand. To implement this change, it was necessary to rationalize and consolidate the brand portfolio and determine how the products would be endorsed with the new ingredient brand. The ingredient brand will allow Team to consolidate itself as a generic within the industry and successfully face the increase in competition.

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