Redesigning a packaging system to integrate it with its parent company’s visual system.


Tecnología is a Colombian company dedicated to the production of adhesives, waterproofing and different products to adhere porcelain and ceramic. A few years ago it was acquired by Sumicol, a company belonging to the Corona organization, which today is comprised of several companies dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of high-end products. In this context, the challenge was to integrate the visual system of the Technology brand with that of the Sumicol products and to associate the personality of both brands without losing any of their individuality.


Marqas developed a strategy to redesign the packaging system of the Tecnología brand incorporating the elements of Sumicol’s visual identity system. Tecnología had a broad portfolio of products related to the field of construction with a strong projection in the market, for which a packaging system was designed so that all products were perceived as belonging to the same family. In addition, Marqas developed a brand manual that described the use and correct application of each package design. The unification of the personality and visual integration that was projected by the packaging of each product gave Tecnología a stronger image in the market.

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