Fundación televisa

Evolve an annual report from a traditional printed report to a digital one.


The Televisa Foundation in Mexico has several programs focused on education, health, culture and the environment. The foundation has always invested in the editorial design and printing of an extensive and colorful book to present its annual report. This was physically delivered to different audiences as allies and benefactors of the foundation. The way in which the book was designed was impractical to present so much content and its production was costly.


In 2016, Fundación Televisa approached Marqas seeking to do something different. To this end, Marqas proposed the development of an online digital report that would encompass a wider audience, present a much more synthetic, informative and infographic report, and at the same time, reduce costs and production times. The new report became a live development with videos, testimonies and image galleries, achieving a richer, punctual and interesting content. Being able to share the report via email was a great step forward for the Foundation to share this content.

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