Va y Ven

Creating a new convenience store brand for a chain of gas stations.


Terpel is a service station company with 40 years of experience. They expanded their business with the addition of complementary convenience stores, where they sell food, coffee and magazines. They needed to develop a new innovative brand to identify these stores throughout the region.


Marqas worked from the concept of ‘fast service’ and proposed the creation of a new brand called “Va y Ven” to reflect the experience of the users of the fast entering and leaving the stores. The visual identity system highlights the innovative concept and quick access and the logo evokes a smile. To integrate the brands and for key audiences to perceive the relationship between the stores and the stations, we used the same color palette used by Terpel’s current visual system. The new identity was implemented throughout communications including facades, uniforms and flyers. Va y ven managed to position itself with a brand identity defined and integrated to the Terpel gas stations. With a dynamic and memorable brand, Va y ven achieved optimal results in its local market, which facilitated the expansion of stores in Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.

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