Creating a new brand for a leader in distribution and commercialization of natural gas.


Gas Natural Fenosa, a multinational leader in the gas sector, decided to spin off several of its subsidiaries, including the one in Colombia, where they operated under the same name. Brookfield, a Canadian investment fund, bought the company and was immediately forced to change the brand since it could not continue to use the Gas Natural Fenosa brand after the acquisition. Marqas was hired to develop a brand strategy and create the new name for the organization.


Marqas conducted an analysis of the internal and external brand perceptions and an audit of how they handled communications. We recommended adopting a positioning around the concept of “positive energy” and a brand personality that emphasized the attributes of reliable, timely and versatile. In terms of brand architecture, we recommended the use of a monolithic model and we eliminated all service sub-brands like servigas y climacomfort, among others. We created the name Vanti which is derived from the Italian word ‘avanti’ (advance, go forward) and also evokes ‘advantage’, a concept that is closely linked to a company’s strength in offering auxiliary services. The new logo symbolizes approval and verification. The blue and yellow colors are distinctive in the competitive environment. A cold color was contrasted with a warm color to achieve harmonic and dynamic communications. The new visual identity system was applied to all communications channels including stationery, brochures, uniforms, vehicles and signage. The brand was launched and implemented successfully in the market.

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