Repositioning an automotive company that expands through diversification.


Dinissan (Distribuidora Nissan S.A.) was created in 1960 to import Nissan cars to Colombia. A few years later the company expanded its presence and began marketing John Deere machinery and later created Talleres Autorizados S.A., a service company. A few years later, they added Autoemsamble Nissan LTDA, Seguros Milenio and Com Automotriz S.A, through which they commercialize the Changan brand. They also grant financing for new vehicles through their company Disícar. As a result of the creation of these companies, there was no corporate brand that grouped all the business units, the organization of the portfolio and the relationship among the companies was not clear. None of the brands, except for Dinissan, had any brand equity. In addition, Dinissan had a limiting name to become a multi-brand distributor or diversify its portfolio of services.


Marqas undertook a comprehensive strategy and brand identity project. We recommended a positioning platform based on the experience they had in the industry coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit of their team. As for the brand architecture we recommended raising the visibility of the corporate brand that grouped all business units and eliminate all brands of companies except Dinissan. As Dinissan was very similar to the name Nissan, we recommended a name change. We selected Vardi which is a broad, short and contemporary name. We designed the new logo and visual identity system that was applied to all the communication materials of the company, from stationery and printed materials to corporate signage. This broad and modern brand positions the Group to continue expanding and diversifying its operations.

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