Creating a new service brand for the offerings of a religious organization.


The Congregación Mariana is a non-profit organization dedicated to the civic and apostolic formation of the community. Provides health, education, family and communication services through social works. However, although it is reliable and respected, as a brand it did not generate emotional closeness and was not perceived as a provider of integral services.


Marqas recommended adopting the position: “Enable the integral well-being of people” and creating a new brand endorsed by the Congregación Mariana. We recommended a name that evokes Christian values, is broad enough to include all the organization’s initiatives and it is short and easy to remember. The recommended name Vid refers to recurring symbols of the Bible (the vine and wine), the dedication of the harvest, and the idea of ​​’life’. The purple color became an institutional emblem, and it differentiates the organization in the category. Under this concept, The brand strategy allowed the organization to extend its impact at a national and regional level. Through an integrated and coherent communication, the Vid brand was able to strengthen its image and transmit its mission and values ​​with greater power.

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