Optimizing a meat products brand portfolio to raise its visibility in the market.


Zenú is the meat products business of Grupo Nutresa and a leading producer of processed meats, aged meats, ready-to-eat frozen dishes and mushrooms. With 73% of the market leading in Colombia and, with 24%, in Panama. However, its power as a leader was diluted in a broad portfolio of brands, some with unclear or overlapping positioning strategies.


Marqas identified the trends of the food industry and developed a rationalization strategy for the brand portfolio. Based on a visual identity audit and a financial analysis, we defined a positioning strategy for each brand. We recommended a portfolio optimization strategy and a new nomenclature and packaging systems for the brands that were maintained. We also developed a transition plan for those brands that had to be eliminated. The Zenú brand portfolio was reduced from ten to six clearly positioned brands, covering the spectrum of consumer trends detected in the industry. The portfolio rationalization allowed them to improve communications efficiency and enhance Zenú’s image as a leader in its category.

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